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183446595Pure jojoba is as close to the natural oils of your skin than any other plant or mineral oil. Due to it being so similar to our own natural sebum, skin and hair will quickly absorb it without leaving a residue behind. Research has shown that jojoba can reduce 26 percent within one hour of use.

Jojoba is used in a wide variety of body care products, including face and body moisturizers, hand cream, face cleansers, shampoos, conditioners, massage oils, and more. It helps lock in moisture while still allowing the skin to breathe. While most oils work as a surface coating, often causing more problems than they cure, jojoba is absorbed into the skin and hair and softens it from the inside out.

Suitability for Use in Cosmetics

Cosmetics manufacturers want to make certain their products last as long as possible. A short shelf-life means less profit and many customers aren’t interested in cosmetics that quickly go bad. As a result, most cosmetics manufacturers use chemical processes and additives to increase the oxidative stability of products, including the use of petroleum refining technology.

However, consumers today are turning away from these processes and additives and demanding a more natural product. This provides cosmetics manufacturers with the new challenge of finding natural ingredients that do not turn rancid or develop odors without the use of preservatives.

From this standpoint, jojoba is a miracle. It can be used in its natural form and does not require preservatives to give it a long shelf life. It is also a blessing in terms of manufacturing. The properties of the plant do not vary from year to year, which means that you can treat each new shipment exactly as you did the one before. Additionally, it does not contain hydrocarbons and it has a very low acid and peroxide value and moisture content.