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Consulting Services

learn-skinhealthcareJojoba Naturals believes that the farming of Jojoba has the potential to provide enormous commercial and economic benefits to farmers, businesses and communities around the world. However, developing a profitable business from farming jojoba can be very complicated owing to complexities related to growing the crop itself, developing a viable business plan and building reliable distribution channels. To help ensure farming success, Jojoba Naturals offers a consulting service for farmers that offers numerous benefits.

learn-skinhealthcareWe can:

  • Plan their field design in order to minimize resource consumption, maximize output and avoid costly mistakes.
  • Provide sex-specific Jojoba seedlings to ensure a proper proportion of fruit-producing female plants and fertilizing male plants.
  • Provide seedlings which have been tailor selected for a client’s specific farm profile, such as seedlings which tolerate high heat or water with relatively high salinity, and seedlings selected for their high production.
  • Guide clients through the process of having their farms certified organic by international organizations.

learn-skinhealthcareIn addition to working with businesses, Jojoba Naturals has the ability to assist non-governmental organizations and government or multilateral aid agencies in planning and implementing Jojoba projects of all sizes.

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