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Here at Jojoba Naturals, we believe that a business should care about more than its bottom line. As our name implies, we care deeply about nature and all things natural. To that end, we work in partnership with local farmers and their communities to ensure that the Jojoba that goes into our products is farmed in a sustainable manner.


To make certain that the land used for our crops isn’t taking away from land that could be used to feed and sustain the local population, our farms are established on land previously unused—and generally unsuited for—other types of crops. Jojoba Naturals also does not establish farms in countries where jojoba is already cultivated; we want to be certain we are not taking resources away from successful enterprises.

Since jojoba is suited to marginal land, our farms can be found in areas where other economic activity is minimal. This gives these poor communities the chance to improve. We provide the local citizens with the necessary raw materials and educate them on how they can run their farms, such as acclimating seedlings and crafting farm layouts. Jojoba Naturals also runs jojoba clinics, training the locals in jojoba care and agricultural best practices.

With time, our farms will mature and there will be more seed available for milling. At that time, Jojoba Naturals will expand its work with local partners, establishing processing and packaging factories to further increase local collaboration.