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Our Commitment to Plants and People

Here at Jojoba Naturals, we believe that a business should care about more than its bottom line. As our name implies, we care deeply about nature and all things natural. To that end, we work in partnership with local farmers and their communities:

  • to increase the likelihood of their success and prosperity and
  • to ensure that the Jojoba that goes into our products is farmed in a sustainable manner that is as good for the environment as it is for the people who farm it.

We take special care to make sure that our farms are established on land that’s previously unused and often unsuited for other types of crops. In addition, we take care not to establish farms in countries where jojoba is already cultivated, in order not to draw away resources from already successful enterprises.

Because jojoba can be grown on marginal land, our farms are often established in locations where there is little other economic activity and local communities are poor with little chance to improve their position. Growing jojoba can change their world and their lives.

In addition to providing the raw materials and expertise for the farms, Jojoba Naturals also provides “jojoba clinics” where local farmers are trained in jojoba care and general agriculture best practices. As our farms mature and more seed is available for milling, Jojoba Naturals will continue to work with local partners to establish processing and packaging factories to further improve local economies.